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  1. What class of life do you like?

  2. Do you have healthy life style? If so what is yours?

  3. Do you wish a life with involvement in social and public activities? If so what is welcome?

  4. After marriage do you like to lead life?

  5. Do you give importance to self-personality development by?

  6. Choose someone from below as model for your life

  7. Do you like to lead?

  8. What type of matching life style you expect or want from me?

  9. What changes you would bring in life style of children?

  10. Your view about matrimonial bond / marriage:

  11. Prior to this (Before this marriage, if it clicks):

  12. Do you like to have pets? If so what pet it is?

  13. Social life:

  14. Do you like to see places, near and far?

  15. Do you like to have entertainments with your family, to relax during weekends like?

  16. Spending holidays or vacation:

  17. Travel:

  18. Travel in the company of others (during holidays / free time):

  19. with my family and organized groups

  20. What sports/games you would like to watch?

  21. Which color is your favorite one?

  22. What food do you like most?

  23. Cooking:

  24. Life plan:

  25. How do you spend your free / leisure time?

  26. Parents living with us:

  27. Liking for shopping:

  28. About donations:

  29. About saving money:

  30. Finance Management: