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LALITHAA JEWELLERY With a rich legacy that dates back to 1985, Lalithaa Jewellery stands out amongst the various jewellers in Chennai, not just for its low wastage but also for the exhaustive range it offers and indeed for the depth and beauty of the craft inherent in almost every item it showcases. Phone: +91 44 2834 9860; +91 44 2834 9861 Email: info@lalithaajewellery.com Web: www.lalithaajewellery.com
No.53 Icon Savithri Ganesh Building, Habibullah Road, T Nagar, Chennai-600 017, Tamil Nadu.  
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It was in 1964 that G. Rajendran founded GRT Jewellers, in the then fast-growing shopping hub of Chennai (formerly Madras). Like all great success stories, GRT as the shop is fondly called by customers, began from humble origins. Through single-minded focus on customer satisfaction, GRT soon became a household name in Chennai, gaining renown for the purity of its ornaments, wide choice of designs and consistent customer delight. ----------------- GRT JEWELLERS (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED, 136, Usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai - 600 017. PH: 044 2346 1515
G R T Jewellers  
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